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This article includes spoilers regarding Splatoon's story.

Charbitre le chat te dira qui l'a remporté à la fin de chaque match. N’est-il pas CHATastique?
— Splatoon's official website, [1]
Espèce Chat
Couleur d'yeux Jaune
Age Plus de 10 000 ans
Genre Male
Emplacement Inkopolis

Charbitre (Japanese: ジャッジくん Jajji-kun) est un chat dans Splatoon et Splatoon 2 qui est l'arbitre des modes multijoueurs. Unlike other characters, he seems to play a bigger role in Splatoon's story that remains a mystery.

Personnalité et traits

Charbitre est né avec la capacité incroyable de juger la surface encrée en un coup d’œil pour séparer les gagnants des perdants. On peut penser qu'il porte une salopette pour chat, mais c'est en fait juste le modèle naturel de sa fourrure. Il est aussi un peu paresseux, comme la plupart des chats, mais il est très actif pendant la nuit. On peut le remarquer dans les Splatfest, ou on peut le voir danser et dire "Miaou!"


As depicted in the Sunken Scrolls, Judd's appearance has changed over time. Judd seems to resemble more of what he currently looks like in the present according to Sunken Scroll #25, but looks much younger and smaller in appearance. In Sunken Scrolls #4 and #15, Judd appears to be much smaller and thinner than his current form. Sunken Scroll #14, which was documented at the end of the Great Turf War, shows that between the time of scrolls #15 and #14, he has recaptured his much "heftier" appearance.

Before Splatoon

According to the Sunken Scrolls, Judd is more than 10,000 years old, as his original human owner is implied to have built a capsule designed to keep Judd cryogenically sealed for 10,000 years. Because of this, Judd was the only land life form that wasn't buried beneath the rising sea levels during the mass extinction at the beginning of the Mollusc Era.

Judd may have been released from cryogenic stasis at around 2,000 years before the events of Splatoon, as there are Sunken Scrolls depicting Judd judging ancient Turf Wars and the Great Turf War.


When he's not judging, he can be found sleeping on a blue crate on the Inkopolis Plaza, although he is said to live in Flounder Heights. The player can talk to Judd and he will give advice as well as a cash bonus depending on the player's online battle vibe, which increases and decreases with wins and losses. He will only give one cash bonus per vibe per stage rotation.

Splatoon 2

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Judd returns in Splatoon 2 and once again plays the role of the referee, but is now joined by an cat that bares a large resemblance to him, except it's much smaller, his marks are less dark and he seems more happier than Charbitre. Judd now represents the good guys (the players team) while the mini Charbitre represents the bad guys (the rival team). Charbitre now falls over when the bad guys win and vice versa. He once agains takes naps on a pillow (now green) but in the Inkopolis Square and Mini-Judd sits on top of him.

Judd's Advice

Article principal: Judd/Advice
  • "A Splat Bomb's timer is only active while it's on the ground! So they'll explode quicker when rolled than when thrown through the air!"
  • "An Inkstrike lets you attack any location on the width=auto map! The tornado slowly expands from a central point, so try to be accurate! And don't let foes hit you while you're looking at your map! Stay alert!"
  • "Chargers deal an awful lot of damage with each shot! But even so... If you just try to splat foes in one hit, you're going to have a bad time. Try using your first blast to block off the path ahead of them with ink... Then you can take them out more easily with the second! Painting the ground like this will help your allies too, so get shooting!"


  • Judd's voice clips, either of which are used for the "Meow!" at the beginning of a piece of advice.


Article principal: Vibe
Meter Level Flags Penalty Payout
Chill (NA)[notes 1]
Lukewarm (EU/OC)[notes 2]
0 0 Fichier:0 Icon Cash.png 20px
Toasty 0.5-3 -0.5 Fichier:100 Icon Cash.png 20px
Smokin' 3.5-6 -1 Fichier:300 Icon Cash.png 20px
SO HAWT!! (NA)[notes 1]
On Fire! (EU/OC)[notes 2]
6.5+ -1.5 Fichier:1000 Icon Cash.png 20px

After the final Splatfest, Ayo vs. Oly, Judd began to give out 1 Super Sea Snail per 30 completed online matches, note that these matches can be either Turf Wars or Ranked Battles.[2]

In the manga series

Judd, like in the game, judges Turf War rounds. His appearance is the same.


  • Judd's name is derived from the word "judge," as he is the referee for all the ink battles in Splatoon.
  • The tip of his tail is designed to look like an arrow.
  • Along with a handful of birds and insects, Judd is one of the few non-aquatic creatures in the game, as he is a cat. As stated in a developers' interview, this is because of the fact that the main characters of Splatoon were originally going to be rabbits; Judd is a leftover from that stage of the game's development.[3]
    • Also explained in the interview is the source of Judd's name; apparently, the pattern of his fur came first, and it caused some developers to nickname him ジャッジ, or "Judge", which is his current name in the Japanese version of Splatoon.
  • Cats generally have a lifespan of 15 years. Normally he may not have lived after being awakened from cryostasis and living throughout 2,000 years ago.


  • There was a glitch in which the player could get their money back after purchasing a slot, reroll, or ordered gear from Spyke by talking with Judd after the purchase. It was fixed with the 1.2.0 patch.[4]
  • During Splatfest, Judd can be seen dancing around happily on his pillow in Inkopolis Plaza. Instead of the usual "Zzz," he says "Meow!"
  • According to Callie and Marie, Judd lives in Lotissement Filament‎ and can be seen commuting to and from Inkopolis.
  • Cash cannot be given by Judd during a Splatfest, as there is no vibe and it is replaced by Splatfest Power.

Splatoon 2

  • The mini-Judd appears to be a lot bigger while judging matches than while he's sitting on Judd in the Inkopolis Square.



Splatoon 2

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
FlagJapan.svg Japonais ジャッジくん
Mr. Judge
FlagFrance.svg François Charbitre Pun on chat (cat) and arbitre (referee)
FlagGermany.svg Allemand Der Miezrichter Pun on Schiedsrichter (referee) and Miez (kitty)
FlagItaly.svg Italien Giudigatto Pun on giudice (judge) and gatto (cat)
FlagSpain.svg Espagnol Justino Male name resembling justo (just)
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